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Semen is typically whitish-gray in color with a jelly-like texture. This can vary slightly depending on your genes, diet, and overall health. Read to find out what yellow, green, brown, and other colors may mean, when to seek treatment, and more. Your semen is made up of a variety of minerals, proteins, hormones, and enzymes that all contribute to the color and texture of your semen. The substances primarily responsible for this color are produced by your prostate gland.
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White Sperm (Semen) Vs. Clear Sperm (Semen): What’s The Difference? - Viva Differences

Semen, also referred to as seminal fluid, is a fluid that is emitted from the male reproductive tract and that contains sperm cells, which are capable of fertilizing the female eggs. Semen also contains other liquids known as seminal plasma , which help to keep the sperm cells viable. Semen is typically a thick, white fluid. White thick semen usually results from a higher than normal concentration of sperm in a typical volume of semen. Healthy semen is usually a cloudy white or grey fluid with a jelly-like consistency. This normally results to thicker, cloudier and more viscous seminal quality, this is also an indication of high sperm count. The viscous substance in the semen means that semen is full of sperm.
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What your semen says about your health

Skip to content. I tried looking for an answer to my question in the archives, but didn't find one. What I want to know is if it is normal that my boyfriend's semen has clumps I don't know how else to describe it in it? The semen has never been clumpy before, but the last time I gave him a blowjob, the semen had a chunky consistency to it. Should I be worried that this may be an STD, or is this kind of thing related to other things, and if so, what are they?
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It's probably one of the last things on your mind when you've just ejaculated , but the consistency, look and smell of your semen can be a good indicator of your overall health. If it's cloudy-white or grey with a jelly-like consistency, you're winning. While differing semen colour and consistency is usually nothing to worry about, there are a few signs it's worth keeping a look out for, in case you have an underlying sexually transmitted infection or you're concerned about fertility. We speak to consultant urological surgeon John Davies about optimum semen health, and any red flags you should look out for:. We all know that semen is the male reproductive fluid, but only 10 per cent of your semen is made up of sperm.
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